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    My ui.. been working on it for a long time; many revisions have been made to the original. This was made for my main character, a rogue, but could be easily modified for other DPS classes, and, as my druid healer has it, you could move/resize grid to below the unit frames in the center and toss the minimap off to the side for healing. This was created mainly as a PvP UI however it works well for raiding also. Currently uses DBM however i might switch to DXE later.


  1. Detox ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    You can't even see your character and close-by characters behind this spam-wall and frames. Give yourself some room and use a different minmap!

  2. Dernn ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Some info for clarification:
    -target debuffs are on the left on top, buffs below them, my debuffs as duration bars above the target frame
    -player buffs on the right below ToT, and debuffs below the player frame
    -pet/pet target and focus/focus target are below the player debuffs
    -kgpanels lines are made showing where everything in the center lies
    -i run skada threat in the left box (to left of player buffs/debuffs) and dps on the right opposite of threat
    -i have a raid/bg/whispers/other stuff in the top main chat box on the left and guild stuff in the bottom one, and then a loot/xp/rep chat box on the bottom right of the screen
    -i think i need to mess with frame layers to see how my player/target frames work with the combat text
    -vehicle bar is just above the minimap between the clock and pvp/instance circle, and the pet bar is between the autobar mod, which is something like 2 rows tall and 7 columns wide, and the pet/focus frames
    -target cur/max hp shows up next to percent on mouseover, and player percents and cur/max show up on mouseover; focus and pet also display values on mouseover
    edit: -PowerAuras is used to show a few things: timers for rogue stuff my debuffs on target (SnD, Envenom, HfB, and if they have bleeds), and for pvp (shows me when they have pally bubbles, dispersion, cyclone, deterrence, etc)

    things to do
    -i want to have less showing but keep overall structure.. i like the minimap in the center bottom but i dont necessarily like how big the raid frames / zone map are.. tempted to take out the zone map but it really helps for pvp
    -show the rep bar only on mouseover, but again this would increase the size of the raid frames to keep symmetry, which i dont want
    -i would like a center dbm second bar but i dont know where to put it..

  3. Dernn ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Detox said:
    You can't even see your character and close-by characters behind this spam-wall and frames. Give yourself some room and use a different minmap!

    i combat the not seeing by the fact that i mostly stare at the hp bar, and if its not going down or if im not gaining combo points i know im not hitting it and therefore need to move forward; the combat text might b taken out or at least reduced; the frames, i think, are quite small, especially compared to other uis ive seen on here, although i would like to make the buff display more compact to the center instead of fanning out to the sides; and i see no point to using a different minimap however if u give me a name ill check it out cuz im always open to switching stuff up


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