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VS, a duelling UI

WoW UI Gallery » VS, a duelling UI
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    I wanted to make a UI just for duels to capture some of the vibe of coin-op style fight games. The graphical style is very comic book. Not intended for general purpose use, I made it just for fun, although it does work perfectly well in battlegrounds (raid frames are on the right as per

    Still to do:
    - some comic book style custom power auras
    - redo unit frames to be same length as Satrina's buff row.


  1. Lyn ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    The idea itself is awesome ... I think I'll try something similar, maybe.

  2. Bhalial ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    This looks very nice :D I'd use this in a heartbeat if it would look a bit more like the old fighter games tbh ;-)

    Keep up the very nice work!

  3. Pinto3 ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Nice! I was working on something like this myself, except more like Tekken and fighting-style games instead of Comic like. But very awesome.

  4. ginny ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    This looks like you are trying to copy the Supervillian UI a bit.

  5. Kaitain ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    ginny said:
    This looks like you are trying to copy the Supervillian UI a bit.

    I used a (different) comic book font, if that's what you mean? Look at the two UIs side by side. Visually I was inspired by the Scott Pilgrim movie, in concept i was inspired by 1v1 fight games. So no, not really.

    I do like Supervillain UI though. Made me smile.

  6. PercivalOgg ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    The only thing I don't like about this UI is no download link :)

  7. zellito2 ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    cool UI!!

  8. ohi ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    It's very unique. Haven't seen anything like this. Personally I wouldn't use it, but the idea behind it is amazing.

  9. Tielc ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Something that emediately jumps out at me, is finally getting all the crap off the bottom of the screen. My own UI, as well as many others clutter the bottom of the screen with Minimaps, Action Bars, Unit Frames, Damage Meters, etc. Like a stroke of genius, just making the unitframes in the top center, and enlarging them keeps them very visible, but forces you to look at the middle of the screen a lot more. I think I'm going to experiment with this idea in general, thanks for the inspiration!

  10. 339039518 ( Member ) - Posted 5 years ago #

    The UI is so cool,can you tell me where to down?Thanks.

  11. Kaitain ( Member ) - Posted 5 years ago #

    oops... i deleted it. I have some ideas of pure awesomeness brewing in my head though. Stay tuned.

  12. sephoia ( Member ) - Posted 5 years ago #

    Love the art! Love the font! Love everything about it! Would LOVE a download link. :)


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