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texty-ui enhanced

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    So this ui is kind of a mash up of various ideas ive seen from all the usual suspects (sov, hal, ishtara, Led++, leitka, duke), but also not so minimalist that it can't be used by a full time 25 man raider in wow, as well as for raid leading.

    The current pixel font 1px border paradigm is featured pretty heavily in the ui, with certain minimalist elements (well compared to some peoples uis anyway), but also certain elements that I was unwilling or simply unable to shrink without reducing the knowledge about the raid group that I'd have.

    My buffs are in the upper left hand corner, special buffs that I want to keep track of (horn of winter, procs) appear to the left of my character, special debuffs on target (sunder, diseases) appear to the right of my character, showing stack and duration.

    The UI without blizzard elements and without grid is about 7mb total usage, with grid goes up to about 10.5. obviously more if recount starts storing data. I've tried to stay away from addons that gobble up memory, are bad with garbage collection, or just eat cpu cycles, even resorting to addons that have lua only config to accomplish this.

    Its pretty adaptable to any class, and I also use it on a raiding paladin and mage.

    Long term goals for this incarnation of my ui are to replace every action bar button with a macro with a nicer icon that 'fits' the ui better, but I find myself lacking the willpower to begin to slog through that


  1. bluenoes ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Please upload :)

  2. pHishr ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Oh yes. Very nice.

    Minimap is huge though, but yeah, it would look weird if it wasn't... :/

  3. subtext ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Yeah i dont know if its 'huge' really, but maybe I've just gotten used to the size.

    It was definitely built around the size that I wanted my chat box to be (smaller chat box may be more aesthetically pleasing but Im an officer so missing whispers isnt cool), not really around the size that I think a minimap should be.

    Been thinking lately about re-making some of the elements, placing the minimap in a less prominent role, and relaxing the mirroring effect a little, as well as finding some way around the UI looking a bit off when I dont have a target', without succuming to the one stack in the middle where everything is ® style

  4. idm ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    All the great interfaces are not uploaded. WTF really.... remove this shit.

  5. subtext ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    I posted a download link to my other UI, , its just a slightly modified version of this one


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