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    Quse UI was created to be as minimal as possible while maintaining extreme functionality in both solo and raid/party situations.

    - Low memory and CPU usage (~9mb) - not as low as a completely lua interface but very low considering the addons and functionality included.
    - Attractive look without sacrificing functionality.
    - Works well for any class.
    - Unitframes fade/hide based on different game states.
    - Hot bars show/hide on combat (Many profiles set-up for alternate play styles).
    - Supports widescreen and standard resolutions (16:10 and 4:3) despite what the box on the right says (both downloads are available on the main UI page).
    - The UI is suitable for any echelon of player status; serious end-game raiding, soloing, partying, casual play, leveling, etc...


    Can't edit D/L link or pictures yet so here's the download link and much more information:

    Sorry about the pictures, no idea why they're all wonky =(


  1. Wikipedia ( Member ) - Posted 4 years ago #

    Loved this UI since the first day I saw it.


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