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Bhalial's UI

WoW UI Gallery » Bhalial's UI
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    Not finished by far, but liking it so far. Open for critisism and comments!

    Update: 21-3-2010
    Update: 30-3-2010

    Imageschack loves 1920x1080 more then Tinypic :P

    Oh almost forgot my inspiration!
    A big thanks to: pHishr, Led++, Real, and other I might be forgotten :P


  1. Detox ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Very nice, innovative way of arranging your UI elements. I love your unitframes, very refreshing!

  2. Led ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    I like it, tho I would move the UF's (and the things around it) higher, while keeping the chat and DPS meter at the current place.

  3. kawne ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    yeah led is right, and i would also turn the kgPanels behind the portraits for target's frame AROUNd... so the gradient goes from red to green :)

    and something cool for the tot :) very nice... would be even shmexier if the healthbars were smooth

  4. Bhalial ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    @ Led

    Thanks a million for your advice, it feels like getting to speak with a celebrity :P I was thinking about the same thing, and will make a nice adjustment today!

    @ Kawne

    There are no KG panels behind the unitframes :) Only behind the chat window.

  5. Bhalial ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Seems I can't edit my pictures or I'm just too stupid to see where...

    Anyone can shine a light on this?

  6. Led ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Atm you can only edit the Description but you can't add or remove pictures or so. If you want to show updates I suggest just posting them like a comment, or edit your description with links.

  7. Bhalial ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Update in discription!

  8. Aiur ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    I like this quite a lot, although I'm not usually a fan of portraits this is pretty sweet.

    How in the hell do you take such HQ screenshots though?

  9. Bhalial ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm just that good? Nah, I have photoshop and just really high settings in WoW ;)

  10. Led ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Way better imo. Tho try to incorporate that buff thing below your UF's better tho. It's quite a colorful UI but those buff things are just plain black.
    Try to use the same bartexture and font too. For example, your castbaar looks a bit standard. Change the texture to the UF's one and the same for the font and then play a bit with the colors.

    But still, I like the whole UF thing a lot. I've been wanting to do something similiar too but I always get back to the more basic used UF style. This one reminds me a lot of Obble's layout ( But your version would personally fit my taste way better.

  11. Bhalial ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Can I bump this to recieve further critisism?

  12. Sagramor ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Only criticism is that it's not a published UI. I normally hate portraits in UFs, but these are very nice.

  13. Eddie Mars ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    I think you should post a SS of your health not being at full. No one else is unsure where the health bars are? I'm assuming integrated in the portrait... if that is so I would be interested to see how it looks with health missing.

  14. Bhalial ( Member ) - Posted 6 years ago #

    Coming up in the description mate, I was thinking about posting some new shots anyways ;)!

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