Use this calculator to determine the 量 of money that you will either receive from your 贷款, or the 量 you need to request after the 贷款 origination fee. All 量s are represented in U.S. 美元.


For 贷款s MS-DIsbursed on or after October 1, 2022 and before October 1, 2023:

家长 PLUS/Grad PLUS Loan4.228%

* 的起源 费用由 Department of Education for 每笔联邦学生贷款 你收到. 这是一个 percentage of the total 贷款 你借的金额 (请求/授予数量). 扣除贷款费用 按比例从每个 支付你的贷款. This reduces the actual 贷款 你收到的金额 (需要/收到金额). 具体的贷款费用说明 你会被指控的 包含在披露中 你将收到的声明 after the first MS-DIsbursement 你的联邦学生 贷款. 你将被要求 to repay the request/awarded 量.